OCR Program: Tips to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

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OCR Programs and Scanning

Scanning documents is always a good way to remove your physical document storage to a great extent, however, if you scan this document with any image you would be wondering as to how you should be able to edit it especially bringing it over the word file. However, do not worry; you have certain ways, which comes in the form of software, which can help in editing the Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File Converter. Well, let us check how you can actually do this as under:

Get the OCR program

OCR or Optical Character recognition programs simply help in matching up the characters from any image using characters in their databases. These software programs simply help in reconstructing of the document into the format, which turns out to be editable in the MS Word file. There are numerous free and paid OCR programs, which are available over the web. In addition, there are certain sites, which carry out OCR functions for small files. In addition, the software – Adobe Acrobat comes up with the built-in OCR features, which are meant for smaller files. However, using the full-fledged OCR programs will always going to maintain and format the original document rather than returning the test in the plain text format. You can really enjoy a couple of benefits using this program as it helps in sorting out the flaws seen inside the document. Thus, you would find these programs would be maintaining the format of the original document rather than returning to the test over the plain text format.

Open the scanned image

Now, you are supposed to open the scanned JPEG file over your OCR program. However, the process would vary as per the program you have installed in your PC yet in most of the cases you just have to open the said file using this software and then save it in the text file format. A majority of OCR program software will help you choose the kind of format of the output you want and in this case, as you want in word, you can select the appropriate option to do the needful.

Removing the formatting codes from the document

In the next step, you are supposed to remove the formatting codes from your image if you find any. This is not a problem while working with the OCR programs. For example, if any document was seen getting crooked while it was copied the OCR program can have a number of changes in the tab settings like line spacing and fonts. Now you have the option of removing the codes by simply using the word processor like Notepad, which do not recognizes the formatting codes or by simply cutting and pasting the document without actually dealing with the codes.

Editing the image

This is the final and real step, which you really wanted to do from the very beginning. Once you get the image with your OCR program, you are now supposed to open in the MS Word file and start doing the editing. You can do anything you want right from removing the flaws to adding anything you want. If it is a text content, you can add the spell check to correct the spellings and other things and thus carry out the required stuff for them.

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