Google Pong Game Discovered within Google Adsense!

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Google Pong Game Hidden In Plain View!

I love Google; they always have something fun and interesting going on somewhere, somehow with something.  If it’s a not cute and funny animated Google Doodle, it’s an amazing car that drives itself or Google maps that you can actually view on street level, glasses you wear that can access the internet or a search option that speaks back to you with voice commands.  Even the Google haters can’t deny Google’s creativity, and sometimes it’s the smallest thing that I blows me away that Google will do, such as today I discovered a Google Pong Game in my Google Adsense account.  Sweet!!!

Scratch that I should say my 6 year old nephew found Google Pong in my Google Adsense.  What a smart kid he is…

Google Pong Game Another Google Easter Egg!

Yes, you read it right!  There is an old school pong game in every Google Adsense account!  It’s actually kind of hidden but laid out in plain sight, this is what is known as an “Virtual Easter Egg”.  It is a called “Virtual Easter Egg” because it is an intentional hidden message, hidden feature, or inside joke placed in a website, movie, book, CD, video game, computer program etc. etc… well you get the idea.  Why do people put in “Virtual Easter Eggs” in books, DVD’s, websites, etc.?  Well because it’s FUN and makes whatever it is that you are using/viewing/playing that much more interesting.

Google Pong Game - Google Top 10 Tips - Virtual Easter Egg

Google Pong Game – Google Ads celebrate 10 years of success!

Google is celebrating 10 years in Google Ads (Adsense/Adwords).

Play the Google Pong Game!

To access the Google Pong game in your Google Adsense account simply login and make sure that you are on the HOME tab in the top left hand corner (it should automatically take you there when you first login).  Next you will see at the bottom of the left hand corner a large yellow 10 with a birthday hat on it, this graphic is the hidden door way to the Google pong game.

You must hover your mouse over the yellow 10 – but DO NOT click on it.  If you click on it – it will open another page that will take you to the Google Ad celebration page (away from the pong game).  You will see right away as your mouse hovers over the yellow 10 that below it a green bar will begin to load.

Google Pong Game in Google Adsense

Find the Google Pong Game hidden within Google Adsense

Google Ping Game Googles Virtual Easter Egg!

Start playing Google Pong! 1st one to 10 points WINS!

Once the green bar reaches 100% (approx. 3-5 seconds depending on your connection speed) the Google Adsense page will fade out a little and the Pong Game will display over top.  To begin the game click the left mouse button and the first one to reach 10 points wins the game.  Obviously you can only play against the computer, and at first the pong ball that goes back and forth super slow, but as the scoring increases so does the speed of the ball.  By the time you play your second game to 10 points the pong ball goes lightning fast!  I have only tested out if the game works or not in Firefox and Google Chrome (please let us know if you are using a different browser and if it works or not via our comments section?)

Pretty Cool if you ask me!  Funny thing about it is… I’ve seen that yellow 10 graphic there for weeks now in the bottom left hand corner, but it was my 6 year old nephew that discovered the pong game hidden within it after only viewing it for about 5 seconds.

Google Pong Recap!!

  • How to play the Google Pong Game!
    • Login to your Google Adsense Account.
    • Tested using Firefox and Google Chrome (please let us know if you are using a different browser and if it works or not?)
    • Make sure you are on the Google Home tab!
    • Hover your mouse over the Yellow 10 at the bottom of the page. (Do NOT Click).
    • Allow the green loading bar to load (3-5 seconds).
    • Game will start – click left mouse button to begin the game.
      • All Games go to 10 Points.
      • The Pong Ball moves quicker with each point scored.
  • URL:
Google Pong Game – Virtual Easter Egg.
Google has added a Virtual Easter Egg within their Adsense accounts for everyone to share in celebration of 10 years of the success of Google Ads (Google Adsense / Google Adwords). Once you’ve logged in and discover the Virtual Easter Egg in the bottom left hand corner a Google Pong Game emerges for you to play right then and there, it’s pretty creative thinking by Google if you ask me, something else that keeps us intrigued even by something so simple.
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  1. James Tremblay says:

    Gotta love googles creativity

  2. James Tremblay says:

    Gotta love googles creativity

  3. Rob Lorenz says:

    You certainly do indeed!

  4. Rob Lorenz says:

    You certainly do indeed!

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  6. Hey I did not know this. Awesome Man. Name is funny PONG GAME. :)

  7. Hey I did not know this. Awesome Man. Name is funny PONG GAME. :)

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