Facebook Update: New Timeline

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New Facebook Update: New Timeline Layout

Yes, that’s right!  Facebook is doing another big visual update to their website.  However, currently you have to request to have your Facebook profile updated.  Which I like because than it leaves you open with the choice of updating to the new look or not (at least for now anyhow).  They are actually creating this update to keep up with the iPad and iPhone displays (followed by Android), ensuring that your browsing experience is the best one yet.

Facebook Update: Waiting List

Currently unless you own an iPhone or an iPad you won’t be able to see the changes (via your pc/mac) unless you request it personally online via www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed.  Simply login to your facebook account, and scroll to the bottom where you find the “Try the new look” button.   Click on it and just wait for your account to be switched over.  I have been waiting approximately 24hrs and I still haven’t seen the new update on my Facebook Profile yet.  I have seen it on a friend’s computer, and I am excited to switch over as it looks so much better than the current Facebook Timeline setup that is in use now.

Facebook update now available, click here.

Register to request your new Timeline Layout.

Facebook Update: Recap

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed.
  2. Click on “Try the new look” button.
  3. And… Wait!  Unless you own an iPhone or iPad then you should already be seeing the new layout.

Facebook Update: Update

Funny enough I originally wrote the 1st half of this article on May 29th 2013.  I was waiting to see how long Facebook would take to complete my requested update.  My update was finally initialized near the end of June / early July.  I can’t remember the exact date but all I know is that you may have to wait a month or so for your request to be processed.  At least I did anyhow, so don’t fret if you submit your request and it takes a while for the Facebook update to happen via your PC / Mac.

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