Email Marketing Strategy: 6 Efficient Tools to Improve Email Management

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You are not on-line 24 hours to manage your emails. There are many times when you are too busy with work, or with your vacation, that you forget about your online messages.  When you get back to it, you are sure to find piles of emails. Dividing important mails from not, can be taxing. Add to that is the amount of time you need to reply to these messages.

Thankfully, there are email managing tools that can help you oversee your messages. Let us look at these tools and know how it can help you have an efficient mail management system:

Tout App

With its Gmail integration, Tout is one of the best tools when it comes to repetitive sending solutions. It allows the sender to create a template email for various addresses. It also features mail tracking to know when the emails are sent and read. Analytics  is also part of Tout app, so it becomes a good tool for your company’s email marketing strategy.


This easy to use, tool allows you to know more about your contact. Meaning, more than their email address, you can also connect through their social networking sites, blogs, and even Skype account. This lets you make connections closer and stronger. It helps you grow your professional network, as well. Sometimes your contacts don’t always open their emails. With Rapportive, you can contact them through SNS and get a better chance of getting noticed.


A great managing tool that can make your email system easier. With this tool, you do not have to send mails during a time inconvenient to you. Boomerang can easily schedule messages so when you are busy, or when you are on a vacation, you can easily send emails on time. Write the email normally and click the send later button to schedule the delivery. Some people use Boomerang for effective email marketing strategy. They set the time and date of when the other person is most likely to see the email, and not ignore it.

Email Marketing Strategy: 6 Efficient Tools to Improve Email Management


Curious why your contact is not replying to your emails? Are you even sure they already saw your email? If you think of these questions after sending a message, you have to check out Yesware. This advance mail managing tool helps people track their mails. It gives a report on whether an email is received and read. Users can also monitor if the links on their mails were clicked or not. This tool is effective for sales person, in closing sales, or people who wants to have productive email sending. Yesware also allows you to sync email and calendar event into your Salesforce, for an integrated marketing plan.

Undo Send on Gmail Labs

Everyone has experienced regretting emails they have already sent. Sometimes it happens because of  clerical mistakes, error in the attached file or a wrong email address. Whatever the reason is, undoing your mistake is now easy thanks to Undo Send in Gmail Labs. Actually, this feature does not remove the mail that is already sent. It just holds the emails for five seconds, until you realize the mistakes you have done. Let those five seconds help you revert your mistake, before you hit the panic button.

Streak CRM on Gmail

Is your CRM painstakingly get most of your time in managing your business? Now, sending emails to your customers and sales lead becomes easier. Streak CRM on Gmail allows users to track, schedule and share emails fast. Deals and leads are also collated quick because of this tool. They are displayed in a spreadsheet where you can edit and write reports about them.

Whether you have no access to your emails, or you are just too busy to monitor it daily, these tools can help you manage your emails. Managing them efficiently can help you improve your sales and marketing strategies. Check out these tools and see which one works best for you.

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