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Browser Pin Tabs!

I discovered the coolest thing the other day with the new updated versions of Firefox and Chrome. Browser Pin Tabs! It’s amazing how such a little thing makes my day so much better. Being a web developer and continuously having multiple browser tabs open all the time, I have a habit of losing my place from time to time, especially when I have a big project going on and I am doing a lot of back and forth between multiple tabs. Well browser pin tabs have come to save the day.

How Browser Pin Tabs Work?

Easy, all you do is open your browser and create multiple tabs like you would normally do (Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not have this option available, but that comes as no big surprise?). Once you find the pages you want to make permanent tabs of – simply “Right Click” on the tabs, a window will open and then click on the “Pin Tab” option. It will automatically use that websites Favicon (favicon.ico file) to create a little tab icon in the left hand corner of your browser, maintaining its position in front of all your other open tabs. Think about how you can pin and unpin program icons from your desktop computer to your bottom toolbar. It works in the same manner but within your browser. Another way you can think of it is like a specialized bookmark that opens automatically, every time you open your browser.

Using Browser Pin Tabs in Both Firefox and Google Chrome!

Browser Pin Tabs can be created by using Firefox or Chrome Browsers!

Why Would You Use Browser Pin Tabs?

The real question is why not? I love this cool little feature because every time I open my browser I always seem to visit the same websites (as do we all) and this makes going to those websites that much quicker. Also not having to type twenty times a day in the Google Search bar, just so I can visit my Facebook page? Is definitely something that is going to make my day that much simpler. Know what I mean?

Websites I Have Pinned!

Here are just some of the browser pin tabs I have set for myself on my browser to make my life easier. These are sites I visit easily 10x or more a day. I use both Firefox and Chrome for different reasons, so I set different browser pin tabs for different browsers.

But you can set your browser pin tabs to anything you want. Don’t forget to watch the video I made to see how quickly you can set those browser pin tabs for yourself. Enjoy!

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Browser Pin Tabs
Google Chrome and Firefox
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Browser Pin Tabs are a great tool to help organize your tabs at the top of your browser.

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